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  I (was) on a BOAT! 01:21 PM -- Mon July 19, 2010  

We houseboated Lake Powell last week! Look at that there arch! I actually worked on Robot Wants Ice Cream while on the boat, to the apparent dismay of family members (not that I did much work). It's a different direction for Robot, same concept and gameplay, but no more puzzles, just massive amounts of brutal slaying. I think Robot is getting really tired of Kitty's shenanigans.

I have Still Pond, Two Roads, and Robot Wants Fishy all seeking sponsors now. Hopefully there will be delicious results very soon. I also have some interesting port projects just barely underway, or at least being discussed (not me: other people beginning to port my stuff to other platforms). I'm keeping Fishy off of this site to make it worth more to sponsors (they are more interested in something that hasn't been public). Once it gets picked up, hopefully within a month tops, I will unleash it upon this site as well. And I am indeed sorry for the delay, but more stuff is coming all the time now!
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