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  Items! Items! 07:11 PM -- Wed June 13, 2012  

There are very very few different items and bonuses they can have at this point, but it's sure fun to see their tooltips anyway! Much like "prime stats", I stole the format of the tooltips straight from Diablo 3. I just love that giant number for the main number of the item. I'm not sure why the font I'm using makes 3s that look like they're in italics, though.

There are also 2 artifacts in the mix, and I've gotten them a couple times (the game right now just starts up with your bag filled with 16 random items, there is no gameplay or shop for obtaining more)! I think they might not be rare enough. Artifacts are akin to Loonyland 2 - handmade named items that happen to be quite good for their level. Or quite terrible, whatever happens to be amusing.

A quick overview of what a Prime Stat is: Every stat is valuable to every character (see the previous post for what they are good for), but your character's Prime Stat has one teeny little extra advantage. It boosts the damage you do. You may note that none of the stats affect your damage directly (Speed improves attack speed, which does boost your DPS, but nothing increases the actual damage done), so that's up to whatever happens to be your prime stat. It should make an interesting point of differentiation between characters, because Farmers will obviously put lots of points in Strength for its prime stat benefit, which means they'll have great carrying capacity automatically. A wizardly type guy will be maxing their Brains, which means they'll get items for cheap automatically. Each class just magically gets a 'specialty' without even trying.

And to a comment on the previous entry - no, in this sequel, you pick a class at the beginning and that's it, unlike NPC Quest. Because there are skills specific to each class that you spend points in, it wouldn't make sense for your class to change as you assign attribute points. There are also 'story' reasons of sorts. If you're a Farmer, I want you to be the Farmer for the whole game. Of course you're welcome to start a bunch of different characters! In fact, you should.
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