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  GDC Bound! 08:58 PM -- Thu March 21, 2013  

I'm heading to GDC for the first time ever on Sunday! I'm a-scared! But I'm ready with my supplies:

Biz cards and "app icon stickers", which apparently you're supposed to trade with other developers. I don't know who started that, but it's a thing this year, so I'm gonna do the thing. Gotta catch 'em all!

Anyway, I never blog anymore as you have noticed, and you know what I'm busy working on ALL the time (hint: see the little red-head guy in the picture above). I've never had anything close to this much success in my entire life (let's see how long it holds out...), but at the same time, it means I don't get to do much I might want to do, but at least the thing I have to do is really fun, and honestly pretty easy. Except for the part where I have to watch 1500+ kids scream at each other and demand retribution and pain all day long. The moderating is not a blast. But making stuff is!

But next week, that is all in Seth's lap, because I'm gonna be roaming the streets of San Francisco. If you're going to GDC, I'll see you there! I'll be the guy with the cards and stickers pictured above. And I look like that guy in the Behind The Dumb videos.
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  New Items In Growtopia! 11:11 PM -- Thu March 7, 2013  

We have new items every week in Growtopia, but this time I made a quick little video, mainly because the special effect on the headphones isn't in-game yet (we're waiting on Apple to approve our latest update), and I wanted to share it. We also have the craziest, most expensive, item the game has ever seen (and yeah, I totally saw RedBone's broadcast about it!):

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