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  TOWLDR! 12:32 PM -- Sun April 28, 2013  

I entered Ludum Dare for the first time in a long while this weekend! I made a whole game which is lots of "fun", because it's a Towlr! It's called TOWLDR, and you can play it on Kongregate right now: Kongregate link

You can also vote on it if you're an LD guy yourself, or grab the source code (but don't spoil it for yourself! Towlr is about mystery and wonder!!) as it is located hereabouts on the Ludum Dare site: Ludum Dare TOWLDR page

This was a fun break from my Growtopia duties. The theme of Ludum Dare this weekend was "Minimalism" which made making an entry extra easy. I have been mighty incognito for many weeks, but I am finally feeling mostly healthy, and still doing the same old stuff... cranking out new Growtopia items. A holiday is coming up soon in Growtopia...
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