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  FebROLLary! 12:27 PM -- Thu February 28, 2013  

Well, indeed Growtopia is keeping me busier than I've been in years. Especially with major crises this past week. So I didn't even have time to make my knight-squishing-blobs game go anywhere. But I could leave February gameless, could I? I would never forfeit a chance to keep a combo going! So without further ado, here are the rules for FebROLLary, an original dice game you can play with your friends:

You'll just need (a lot of) dice and some poker chips (or money, I suppose! Or peanut M&Ms, my favorite choice) to bet with. Play Febrollary today! It even got beta tested by my sister's family and received the coveted Thumb's Up award from them.
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  February 1GAM 04:44 PM -- Mon February 18, 2013  

This is a work-in-progress clip from my February 1GAM. It's not really called Knighto, that's just what I named the folder I put it in. It has no name as yet, or point. I'm still busy all the time with Growtopia but I thought I'd do something just for fun, which is almost a new concept to me. So I pixeled a knight (really badly, actually... I don't like doing top-down stuff!), without any idea of what I wanted to do with him, and just kinda went from there. So what we have so far is a knight running around "Super Dungeon Room", swiping at blobs like he's using a windshield wiper instead of a sword. It's kind of fun just because of the massive splatter factor.

I can't say if this will ever amount to anything, but each little bit I add inspires me with ideas for what it could be in the end. I don't really have time to make anything, but hey, pecking away at this is a better way of amusing myself than TV or video games, I think. It's almost productive!

Of course I should be working on Dr. Exploro if I'm going to have a side project, but I needed something small and simple, just to mess around. Digging into a major game while still hacking on Growtopia every day is a real brain burner, whereas this thing is... I don't know, fun I guess you call it?
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  One Flu Over, Got Beaucoup Rest 11:19 AM -- Tue February 5, 2013  

It's been a rough couple weeks! My wife came home with the flu, so I took care of her for three or four days, and you know where that's going... I ended up laying around exhausted and coughing for the next four or five days. Even once I thought I was better, I relapsed into more fever the next day. Now I think I really am all better, but it's like I just lost a week and a half of life, and I'm still so tired! Spent the whole time just watching TV (when I was conscious).

I don't know what you care about that, I just felt like I wanted to explain where I've been for the last couple weeks! Got back into Growtopia work in the last couple days (still coughing though!). Lots of big updates are coming there! I want to keep some as surprises, but I can tell you the trade system is done, awesome and rock-solid, and being tested now, and there are dozens of new items that are going to appear in the game at various points in the next couple weeks (some use technology that isn't in the game yet, so they can't be enabled until updates come out, and others may have... other reasons? for not being added just yet).

So it's February! I'm supposed to release one game a month! That is going to be really tough. Growtopia remains all-consuming. It also continues to grow! This past weekend we hit a new record of 1500 users online at once.
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