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  February 1GAM 04:44 PM -- Mon February 18, 2013  

This is a work-in-progress clip from my February 1GAM. It's not really called Knighto, that's just what I named the folder I put it in. It has no name as yet, or point. I'm still busy all the time with Growtopia but I thought I'd do something just for fun, which is almost a new concept to me. So I pixeled a knight (really badly, actually... I don't like doing top-down stuff!), without any idea of what I wanted to do with him, and just kinda went from there. So what we have so far is a knight running around "Super Dungeon Room", swiping at blobs like he's using a windshield wiper instead of a sword. It's kind of fun just because of the massive splatter factor.

I can't say if this will ever amount to anything, but each little bit I add inspires me with ideas for what it could be in the end. I don't really have time to make anything, but hey, pecking away at this is a better way of amusing myself than TV or video games, I think. It's almost productive!

Of course I should be working on Dr. Exploro if I'm going to have a side project, but I needed something small and simple, just to mess around. Digging into a major game while still hacking on Growtopia every day is a real brain burner, whereas this thing is... I don't know, fun I guess you call it?
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