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  Meet Me 11:03 AM -- Fri March 26, 2021  

Oh no, I did a video with me in the corner! Yikes! More progress on assorted random facets of Moon Invaders 2, so check it out anyway. I'm really annoyed that "Tower Power" is the name of a key stat, but "Tower Damage" wouldn't be right for support towers, so for now it's the best name I can come up with.
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  Meet Some Random Stuff 10:47 AM -- Fri March 12, 2021  

Here's more develog action! This week, I skittered around wildly into different areas of the game, just to have something there rather than huge black holes. Pretty sure my focus over the next couple weeks will be the gear system though, which I have barely scratched the surface.

Secret bonus info to the video: The WORST part of making games is dealing with the wonky UI systems that every single game engine in the world uses. Guaranteed, whatever you try to do, no matter how simple, will somehow break a fundamental rule of the engine's system. For me, I spent hours yesterday dealing with the fact that as soon as I held down the mouse button, all my buttons would stop responding to mouseover (including the button I was on, which was reporting "hey, the mouse is no longer over me!" the instant you click). The functional success you see in the video above (the gear drag n' drop) is actually a huge hack, which is inevitable when trying to twist a game engine UI system into shape. Writing from scratch is so much nicer, but I'm trapped in these blueprints!
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