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  The Case Of The DVD 07:38 PM -- Mon August 11, 2003  

Hooray!!! I just finished printing up my first ever DVD case for a game. It's Pumpkin Pop. You see, until last week, we didn't offer Pumpkin Pop on CD, only as a download. But with the new site, I have set every game to be available both on CD and as a download. And suddenly, without the slightest warning, someone ordered Pumpkin Pop on CD! I knew the day would come eventually, but I didn't know it would be so soon. So I had to invent a brand new case design for it right away. Frankly, that's a lot of work. But I did it. And since I plan to move all our games to DVD cases as soon as I run out of jewel cases, there was no point in designing a jewel case for it, so tada, it's in a DVD case.

And holy buckets, DVD cases are SO much easier to make!! None of that fancy back panel folding nonsense. Just one big sheet of paper shoved in the front, and a one-fold manual to put inside. So I'm very happy with this. I'm looking forward to all our games being on DVD, except for the fact that I'll have to redo/modify the artwork on all of them to accomplish it. Especially the manuals, I guess they'll have to be pretty much redone. Maybe I should develop a standard Hamumu manual style, sort of like old Atari games did. Something to consider.

Anyway, if you're the person who ordered Pumpkin Pop: that explains why it's shipping out tomorrow instead of today. I just blew this entire day creating the design... there goes Supreme!
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  Soooo hot... 11:48 PM -- Sun August 10, 2003  

It's so hot. It really is. We avoid using our air conditioner as much as possible, for money reasons and just because we wanna feel like we're tough. But it's sooo hot. Tomorrow could be the breaking point for the A/C... we'll see!

I ordered a pile of video games today. We have an Amazon.Com Visa card, so every time we waste $2500 on things, we get a $25 gift certificate (I think we deserve more, personally). It's depressing just how often we earn one of those. But we do, and we got one today. And every time we get one, we use it up as fast as possible! So we each got a CD, and that used up the $25, but I also decided it was quite necessary to stock up on video games. So I got 3 of them (only one actually from amazon, I am a very serious bargain shopper - the rest were half.com, and the amazon one was from amazon just because people on half.com were charging ridiculous prices for it! SSX Tricky to be specific). I am NOT allowed to play them until Supreme is done. I'm not!
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  Web Mishaps 03:10 PM -- Sat August 9, 2003  

Oops... the feature I added to the site to make it forward people trying to visit some of the old pages that no longer exist (but which are linked to on many places on the web!) turns out to make it impossible to place orders. Yikes. I didn't find that out until about 16 hours after I put it up... many thanks to the guy who emailed me when he couldn't place one! I hope nobody else tried and just gave up. It's scary business running a website sometimes. So now I have ordering working... but I had to lose the forwarding to get it back! So I'll have to work that out sometime. But for the moment, I'm gonna go supremize some levels.
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  More Icy Madness 10:43 PM -- Fri August 8, 2003  

I just deleted a level from Icy Mountain... Deleted it! For good! Brain Freeze was the one. I hope nobody's too offended, but that level was just worthless. A huge waste of time for the player, and a waste of time for me to try to turn it into something fun! Sorry you had to play it the first time. Never fear though, the new Icy Mountain will have TWICE as many levels as the original. Seriously!
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  Icy Mountain 05:02 PM -- Fri August 8, 2003  

I'm feeling quite clever right now, as I take a break from my Supreme work. I've been Supremizing the Icy Mountain. Supremizing means taking the original world and hacking it up to make it have the new stuff from Supreme where appropriate, and adding surprises and things - making it worth replaying in Supreme.

The reason I feel clever is what I've done with this thing. It'll be a fair amount of work, but the new Icy Mountain is a whole new ball of fun. The one thing you'll notice right off the bat is the hub - it's no longer a big flat cold-looking box. Now it's ... prepare yourself... an ICY MOUNTAIN! But it gets much more cool from there. I'll stop and avoid ruining the wondrous surprises that await. I think this one will be really cool, and catch people off-guard as they're working their way through the mountain. Should be good stuff.

I'm adding new junk to all the original worlds (well, that IS the point of supremizing), making sure to include things that are truly new to Supreme - each of them has at least one "racing" level, where you drive a track in your You-Go (a new vehicle in Supreme), each has at least one "stealth" level, where you have to avoid being seen by the evil Death Patrol (and sometimes Boomkins too), and each has something totally unique to it that simply couldn't be done before, ranging from the bonus hidden items to find in the Caves, to the huge monstrous twist that I'm being so sneaky about not mentioning in the Icy Mountain. When I added the "variables" feature to the editor, I didn't really think it would have a whole lot of use, but I've used it in every world so far, in great amounts. In fact, on a couple of occasions, I've almost thought there weren't enough variables available to work with! So, when you read the editor documentation (ugh, not looking forward to writing that), and see what variables are and think "What good is that?", just check out some of the original worlds in the editor (AFTER YOU WIN THEM!) and you'll see.
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  Website fun 03:13 PM -- Thu August 7, 2003  

So, it's been up for half a day now. There were a few scary moments, but things seem to be in the clear now. We've had several orders, which all worked out fine (a big fear of mine was whether the order system would really work... I wrote most of the code myself!), so it would seem we are in business! I'm glad to get this out of the way and cut down my number of full time jobs to two - Supreme and artwork for a friend's game.
I sent out the newsletters today, which is always nice. The monthly one was a little late (it's supposed to go out on the first, really), but I wanted to hold it off until the website was up. I just have to say... this is such a relief, to have this thing done and out there. And on top of that, we're now selling everything ourselves, shipping orders ourselves... it's a new era for Hamumu, where we're really taking charge of everything, and stuff is just only getting better! It's great!
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  YIKES! 07:09 PM -- Wed August 6, 2003  

Well, the new site is up as of right this second. I'm not announcing it on the newsletter just yet, let's see if we can find all the kinks... so far there's some really wacky graphics on the company page that need fixing, and a broken image in the sneak peeks. Not too terrible! Let's hope that's all that turns out to be broken! Please bear with us as we make the transfer to the new setup. Isn't it awesome!???

The only page we haven't got up yet is the About Us page, which I should have ready by this weekend. So enjoy and explore!
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  Sneak Peek: Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese 09:50 PM -- Mon August 4, 2003  

Kind of a lame shot, but it is what I'm currently working on - if you're familiar with the Spooky Forest, then this should be a happy shock to you! This is the hub level of the new and improved Spooky Forest. As you can see, it doesn't all fit on one screen, and there's all kinds of new things you'll just have to see to believe. The original 5 worlds are being heavily overhauled. That green X is the new version of the infamous red X. It's green now.
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  Sneak Peek: Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese 09:41 PM -- Mon August 4, 2003  

Whaaa? you say! This doesn't look like Dr. Lunatic! This is an arcade game you can gain access to in the SpisMall. It's pretty darn cool as you can see. It's not really the most compelling gameplay ever, but it's totally mesmerizing to watch the lava flow. This, however, is level 41, which is FAR beyond any level you'd ever see in real play. I just made it start on that level to get a shot of a whole lot of lava. The lava in motion is great, it drips, flows, and sizzles and pops. The tiny little blue tidbit on this screen is the player, shooting a blast of water from his water cannon. It's dousing some lava and creating a little bit of steam. He's hopelessly doomed though. Big time. I can say no more about this game! You will simply have to play it with your hard earned coins!
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  PS 07:34 PM -- Sun August 3, 2003  

Notice the timestamp on these entries. 5:30 PM on a Sunday, and I've been working since 9 AM. The things I do for you people!

Just kidding... I do it because otherwise I wouldn't make any money. Hopefully it's entertaining a few people along the way. Speaking of which, Sol Hunt has graced us with a couple new Stupid Comics to inaugurate the new site! Enjoy!
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