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  Brilliant Idea 12:02 PM -- Fri January 13, 2006  

I actually had a dream in which I created an invention. It's a bad idea, but it sounds fun anyway. See, in the dream, I was on my driveway (which was paved in the dream), and all these little balls were all over the driveway, junk dropped by trees. You know, little round balls of wood basically, some trees drop things like that. I stepped on them and rolled, and suddenly I found myself sort of skating on them. A short jumpcut later, I found myself as the owner of a roller rink. But instead of people needing skates, the entire floor of the rink (which was actually just a plain old room) was marbles! So you come in in regular shoes, and skate around on the marbles. Brilliant!

After that, some mob guys tried to hit me up for protection money on my new business, but I got one in a headlock and explained to them how if any damage ever happened to my business, it would now be very clear to me who was responsible, so they better make sure nothing ever happened to my business. That was pretty cool too. Kind of inverse protection money.

I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately.
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