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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland II: Winter Woods 06:45 PM -- Thu January 19, 2006  

A few interesting things here... First, a new badguy, the Squeaker! You can see one at the top of the screen in the process of dying. They flip over on their backs and spin (you know, because the windup key is now on the ground, get it?). Their only attack is to bump into you, which is supposed to simulate them nipping at your heels. But that's just because these are the easy mice - I invented the enemy entirely so I could make red ones that rush at you and explode. Don't they just look like they should do that? Later in the game, there will be such things.

Secondly, I am accompanied by my horde of midget Boneheads with swords! That's the Bonehead spell in action. Strangely enough, it summons Boneheads (midget ones, with swords).

Thirdly, at the top of the screen you can see what coins look like in this game. Very unorthodox, I know. They're more like giant blocks of gold (you would think they'd be worth a lot of money! I guess gold is common up in Winter Woods). But I like them. It's different, and it's "chunky" which is absolutely my main goal in visuals. I like chunky art.

And lastly, we have a Parka at the bottom of the screen. An enemy dropped that, and it has some random stats I'm not aware of. But since it's plain brown, I do know that it's not magical, so it just has some amount of armor and no special properties. It was hard to get a shot that had any items or coins in it, because Boneheads collect items for you (not intentionally, but anytime they touch them, they pick them up).
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