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  Blah 06:34 PM -- Fri January 27, 2006  

Bad day today. Very very little got done, because I think I was developing a migraine or something. Sure had a nice long nap though! It's a great benefit of working for yourself, the nap-at-will.

So, on the literary front, I finished Odd Thomas a week or so ago, and it was okay I guess. It was a lot like the Da Vinci Code (except it's nothing like the Da Vinci Code) in that it was very quick to read, kept you reading, but ultimately was just a dumb story. Popcorn reading, I guess. To contrast...

I began Cryptonomicon. Immediately, I was just plain having fun. It's just great! I'm not even halfway done, as it is over 1000 pages, but it's so good. Very light-hearted and silly, yet with descriptions that constantly make you see absolute reality, and it's practically teaching me cryptography (look forward to a Dumb puzzle inspired by it someday). Today before my nap I got to a part where I literally laughed out loud, while I was sitting alone in the house. Truly great writing. It's not a fast read, I think there's probably about 2 pages worth of words on each page (think about that, in this 1000 page book!), but it's so worthwhile.

Reading Cryptonomicon even inspired me into writing again, because as I may have mentioned, it's some good writing. I still haven't actually finished my Nanowrimo novel. It's hovering right near the ending. I don't want to work on that though. I hope someday I do, because I would love for that to be a finished book (which will definitely take a rewrite or two). Instead, I've been doing writing prompts in The Journal, and that's fun. Now if only there was enough time in the day for all the artistic pursuits I'd like to pursue!
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