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  Fruit! Woot! 06:56 PM -- Sat January 28, 2006  

We just went and bought ourselves an orchardful of bare root fruit trees. We got: a mulberry tree (once planted, we can go 'round it... never had a mulberry before, hope it's good), 2 Fuji apples, a cherry tree, a lilac (not the fruitiest choice), a Bartlett pear, a pomegranate tree, an almond tree (not fruity, but mmm!), and raspberries. So tomorrow, we will be entirely farmeriffic and plant them all. I just love the idea of plants that provide actual food you can eat. I mean, they'll grow over time, and then eventually, they'll spit out fruity goodness for us to munch on. It's like magic, and they'll make more every year, so they just keep getting better!

I think it's a personality trait. It's why I like solar energy too. The idea that you can set something up and then it just keeps on giving you stuff for free (of course, solar panels break, and plants need watering, but either way, it still beats constantly buying food or energy). I like that in games too - I like to build defensive towers instead of soldiers I have to order around. They shoot for free! I like to buy upgrades to my main weapon instead of alternate weapons that get used up. I like to equip skills that give a constant boost instead of ones I have to trigger when I want them. Is it frugality? Cheapitude? Perchance tis. Maybe it's just laziness.
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