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  Talkiversary 05:31 PM -- Sun January 29, 2006  

Today is my talkiversary, the anniversary of the day my wife and I first talked (online, since we met online!). We spent it out in the yard digging huge holes and planting all the aforementioned trees. That was a good talkiversary thing to do, because it has a certain symbolism (not that we planned it that way, it just works out nicely). You know, planting these trees that will live for decades (hopefully) as long as we're both here to take care of them. That of course goes back to my laziness, because if it were just me, they'd be dead. I also secretly ordered the Penny Arcade book for a present, since it's something we can both enjoy, which is really how an anniversary should work. It's not like a birthday or something. It's about the two of you together!
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