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  Charged Amulet Of Restoration 06:29 PM -- Mon January 30, 2006  

I was supposed to work on the shop screens in Toonyland today, which is why instead items have been greatly revamped! See, I hate working on menu-type stuff, it drives me nuts. So, I don't know if I have done a dissertation on the items in the game yet, so here's one now, with the new stuff too:

There are 3 kinds of equipment in the game. Axes (which you smack foes with), Parkas (which protect you from harm), and Amulets (which increase your magic). You always wear one of each, of course. The items can be Normal, Magic, or Golden. Normal items just have stats - Axes have speed and damage, Parkas have armor, and Amulets have magic power.

Magic items add a magical bonus, and a skill bonus. So for example, a "Charged Amulet Of Restoration" is magic. It has the bonus of "Charged" which means you regenerate magic a little quicker than normal, and it boosts your Restoration skill by 1 point. The skill boosted by a Magic item is always appropriate - Axes boost your axe skills, Parkas boost your passive skills, and Amulets boost your magic skills. Oh, and magic items tend to be slightly better in their basic stats as well (for example, if you find a magic Axe, it will most likely do a little more damage and be slightlyfaster than a regular Axe that you find around the same area, though it is random).

Golden items are exactly like magic items, except they are slightly better yet in their basic stats, and they give boosts to three different skills instead of just one. Only one of those three has to be an appropriate skill. The other two might be any of the skills in the game. Golden items are very nice to have, and very very rare. One kind of lame thing that isn't gonna change is that skills can't go above 10 points. So if you have 9 points in a skill and are wearing two items that boost that skill, you still only have a total of 10, not 11. I know it's fun in Diablo to push those things beyond the limits, but it's too hard to deal with the semi-unlimited potential of that, so you'll just have to avoid maxing out a skill if you are assuming you'll get an item to boost it! One other skill issue - if you haven't discovered the Skill Scroll for a skill, you can't even see the name of the skill, much less get bonuses to it. So you might find for example, an "Energetic Parka of ????". Which is kinda fun.

So the thing I added today was that special bonus that magic and golden items have. There are a bunch of different possible bonuses. I think it's made the items way more interesting. Now you have things to consider. I kind of want to add unique items or, more importantly, set items (specially named items that belong together and get a bonus when you wear them together), but I don't really have a very flexible system, so that may wait until another game.

So that's the Toonyland items! Enjoy!
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