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  Can you live without it? 08:56 PM -- Thu October 5, 2006  

I was just looking for a cheaper way to obtain the delicious wonderment of Primal Strips than our local over-priced hey-you're-a-hippy-you-don't-even-know-what-money-is granola outlet. The cheapest I found was at Bulk Nutrition. That's kind of a creepy place to shop, all full of weight gainers and protein shakes and echinacea or whatever it is. But the most intriguing part of all is what their #4 best-selling product is: NO-Xplode (don't click that link, the truth is much less fun than the imagination - also, it's pretty gross). Yes, that's right. You can see why it's popular. If you see NO-Xplode on the shelf, and you don't buy it, you just aren't even interested in living. What, you don't mind exploding once in a while? It's a safety issue, people!
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