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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland II: Winter Woods 12:27 PM -- Fri October 27, 2006  

As we head deep into endgame territory, I'm not going to show you what there is to see! How about that?! But here's the one page of strategy guide I've made. It's not a very impressive example, since the quests that happen to be on it are ones that there's very little to say about, but it gives you the basics. It's been fun making it! And now you know what the first 3 quests on your quest list are.

Just the other day I completely destroyed the core of LL2. I needed good music capabilities, so I ripped out the guts and replaced them with the Supreme guts, so that I would be able to play OGG music. As a side effect, it also means that a lot of sounds will now have varying pitch. So when you beat on a monster you get "ooh ahh ow ooh ahh" instead of "ow ow ow ow" (well, it's the same sound every time, but the varying pitch makes it more interesting). It went surprisingly well, but of course the game still spent a day or so unplayable, and still has a little oddness to be ironed out.

In terms of content, there are just a couple areas left (boss fight spots and one path to get to a boss), and two boss fights (sort of three, I guess). I'm having to think about exactly how the ending plays out, and I have to get it just right to propel the overall storyline without giving things away, and to make sure it sets up stuff the best way it can. I can't go back and fix it later! Oh, I also need to create the last two ranks of the arena battles, including an arena boss. Whenever I think about him, having only his name known at this point, all I can picture is the robot that Bender has to fight at the end of his career in Ultimate Robot Fighting on Futurama. Which might be kind of cool to rip off.

It's getting near to the end! Hooray!!! Don't even try to ask me about a release date.
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