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  web stats 02:59 PM -- Tue February 7, 2006  

I was looking at my web stats today and looked up what Google searches have been used to find my site. A lot of them were not what you'd expect, and I imagine those visitors were disappointed to find so little information on what they were apparently seeking. So in the interests of being helpful, let me provide them with some:
  • Ratchet 4 - Yeah, I want to get that too! But I hear it's basically nothing but deathmatch type stuff (although versus computer for the single-player mode). That's sad, I loved the adventuring of the old games.
  • blockworld - That was the name of a little test program I made once, to see about making a 3D world for Dr. Lunatic type games. It didn't really work out well.
  • beat up your pc games - Hmm. Not sure how to help you. If you're losing to them, in a fair fight, you have some problems.
  • carcassonne addon free download - Don't have any of those, but I do like Carcassonne, and if you're playing without the addon that gives you special scoring tiles, here's a free download of an addon rule for you: Every time you score 50 points (lapping the scoreboard), you must take one of your meeples and put him, laying down, on the 0 point space to indicate those 50 points. It's a good rule because not only does it mark your points, but it also handicaps the leader by denying him a meeple. If all your meeples are in play, you need to pluck one from the board.
  • ikea fagelbo second hand - I guess we'd sell you ours (Fagelbo is the L-shaped couch that pulls out into a bed), but it's broken. And we kinda need it.
  • brilliant idea - Thanks!
  • no soliciting signs - Don't know if I mentioned the conclusion of our No Soliciting Sign experiment, but it doesn't work. It seems to attract even more of them. And I don't have the heart to say stuff like "Hey, look at the sign!". What did work was moving out into the middle of the desert with a huge car-sized gate in front. Not a single solicitor.
  • the dishes are done man - I'm not sure where this occurs on my site, but it's a quote from a bad movie starring Christina Applegate, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead. She (watching the other kids since the babysitter has... well, don't want to spoil it!) tells the stoner teenage boys to do the dishes, and later we see them throwing them off the roof and shooting them (I think?), and after the last dish, that's what one of them says. It's a stupid movie with no merit at all, but that line was in the trailer and has become a permanent and vital part of our lexicon here at Hamumu. Still, don't know where it is on the site!
  • What is MAX_INT - Good question. On many occasions, I've wanted to look this up myself and it is surprisingly hard to find (well, that is to say you can't just push F12 on it, at least in the version of MSVC that I have). So here's the answer: 0x7FFFFFFF, or 2147483647.
  • HAMA-MU - That is not the correct spelling! So many people do that (except not in all caps, and not with a hyphen). It's HA, MU, MU. Like two laughing cows.
  • *to get exercise* - Good idea, and good luck with that. It's not easy.
  • guild wars seinfeld - ? Does he play?
  • tony hawk 4 key - As far as I know, there are no keys in Tony Hawk 4 at all. But it has been quite a while since I played it.
  • Jungle rooms for dumb people - We have no jungle rooms, unless you mean levels in jungle-themed worlds for Dr. Lunatic. But if you're a dumb person, come on by!
  • +awstats interpreting understanding guide explain - Sorry, I used to have AWStats, but had to uninstall it, because it had an exploit in it that allowed hackers into my server! I use Tracewatch now. Not that I'm slandering AWStats - I did not have the most recent version, which fixed the exploit.
  • dumb ideas to make money - Try making dumb games! Seriously, it's a dumb idea.
  • daily mail giant rabbit german - Can't help you. At all.
  • german giant rabbit daily mail - Curiouser and curiouser.
  • octons Arcade Game - The only game we have featuring Octons is Kid Mystic... not an arcade game though, it's an action-RPG. But try it! The demo is free!
  • "sly cooper" action figure - That would be pretty cool to have. But I don't. I did like Sly Cooper though, I want to try out #2 and #3.
  • norway desktop themes - It's not a desktop theme, but we do have the best pasta in Norway!
  • Dr Lunatic crack - NO NO NO! You pay me money if you want my games!!!
  • funny no soliciting signs - Ours was just red and said "NO SOLICITING".
  • "thai kitchen" austin texas "soup A" recipe - The Thai Kitchen we go to is in Temecula, California, and I've never had soup there, so I can't help you. But I bet you'd have better luck searching with some sort of name for the soup, not "soup A". If it's not on the menu, ask the waiter what it's called. It's probably a fancy Thai word.
  • burgers away spreadsheet - No... can't help you any more than the giant rabbit guy.
  • la divina uva - Hey, that's a really good restaurant in La Paz, Mexico!
  • dependie - This term means the opposite of an indie. For example, somebody slaving away in Electronic Arts' sweatshops cranking out yet another football game. They are dependent on the big publisher. An indie does what they want.
  • joust scarecrow - You've got two of our Gamelets all mixed up! Killer Kiwis is a clone of Joust, and Scarecrow: Heart Of Straw is entirely different (could roughly be considered a clone of Star Thief).
  • loonyland crack - You and the other guy... you are pushing my buttons.
  • all dumb games - Yes, you are in the right place! All of our games are dumb!
  • free games like boardwalk bowling - I have never heard of Boardwalk Bowling, but we do offer free games, free game demos, and free gamelets, so you can't go too wrong.
  • millipedes in my tile shower - Yeesh, you have my condolences. I think you should move. Or buy a game to take your mind off of them!
No need to thank me, I'm just doing my part to provide valuable information to the internet.
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