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  Dog Day Afternoon 05:26 PM -- Thu February 9, 2006  

There are a lot of sayings involving the word "dog". I almost got writer's block coming up with a title for this because of too many options!

So, we have 2 dogs for the moment. Big black lab mixed with something else unknown, that causes them to have white bellies and markings. They've been with us since Saturday. The story is interesting. Sol's friend's dog had puppies about 2 years ago, and she was of course giving them away as is usual. Another person took two of them, and that was that. Until a week ago or so, when she decided that the dogs were too much to handle and took them to the pound! They told the pound scary things - the dogs ate a chicken that got in the yard, they knocked down a guy who was walking his dog. The pound said "Okay, we'll put them to sleep!" And the owner was fine with that - the dogs weren't her problem anymore!

However, the grandma of those dogs (the owner of their mother), found out about this, and was not so fine with it. She fetched them back from the pound moments before their execution, in a daring daylight raid. Now we're housing them until an adoptive family can be found. And when we got them, we were kind of nervous, after hearing how dangerous they were... only it turns out, they're the most needy, friendly, huggy dogs in the world. Literally (and maybe this is partly because they were worn out from having kennel cough from the pound), they'll come sit down next to you and just shove their bodies up against your side for comfort, and sit like that for five minutes at a time, not moving.

The story about the chicken was a lie, we have learned. Their other dog ate a chicken. The story of the knocked-down man was sorta true - he got tangled up in his leash and fell down when these dogs came rushing at him (and then got all up in arms, threatening to sue... you know what animals people can be). They told those stories to get the pound to take the dogs. Apparently normally, they only take strays.

That is one thing about them: the male dog (it's a male and female) really doesn't like other dogs. He barks very viciously at them. But he absolutely falls all over himself to adore any humans nearby. They're just the nicest dogs in the world. They're really obedient too, despite really liking to get out of places. We had to go around our yard, carefully plugging up any holes under the fence (found some big ones too!) with rocks. But now they get to run wild and free in our yard and they are really happy about it. And when you call them, they come running fast. They're not well-trained - I think they weren't a big priority in their former home (you can imagine, if they were happy to sell them up the river just to get rid of them). But they will sit with a little effort, and they come very quickly when called. They of course jump up, which is bothersome but a little hard to quash. Actually, if you sit down, they try to jump into your lap (the smaller one is 50lbs... and the one most inclined to jump up is 60 or 70). They like us.

But we don't need more pets. Seriously. So let's hope they're gone soon! But we'll miss them. The cats won't, however.
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