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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland II: Winter Woods 07:36 PM -- Wed February 15, 2006  

I am aware that this is the same shot as the last shot, but I wanted to talk about what's happening in the game but not put in the effort to make a screenshot, especially since I couldn't think of anything exciting to show.

So today I made the graphics for a new enemy, the Tin Soldier, which is what you think it is. I also redid the spell selector. It used to be this thing where you'd hold down the magic button and it popped up the 8 spells in a ring. Then you hold the direction of the spell you want, and release the magic button to cast it. You could also tap the magic button to just cast the same spell you did last. Now instead, it's an easier-to-understand, but not as quick to use, system. You hold down the button and a ring of spells pops up, but you tap left and right to rotate the ring to get to the spell you want. Besides concerns about new players being confused (and annoyed trying to get to the diagonal spells), there was one huge reason to do this: I couldn't stand only having 8 spells, and the directional system couldn't have more than 8. So there are now 15 spells! The spells come in 5 flavors: Nature (AKA Earth), Fire, Wind, Ice, and Death. Each flavor has 3 spells and one passive ability that improves all spells of that flavor, encouraging you to specialize. Thusly, the spells are no longer the wonderful unique snowflakes they once were, but they all have their own fun angles. There are no totally ordinary spells.

In addition to having more spells, there are actually 60 skills total now (well, 58 and two placeholder ones waiting for me to come up with something). I am still unsure on 10 of those. What I did was expand the Magic skills to be 2 pages worth, and then added a new page of skills called the Craft skills. I love the idea of them, but it is a significant amount of more game to make. See, the craft skills are the extraneous stuff. They're things like making your own items, and well, making other kinds of your own items (potions for example, via the Alchemy skill). The teleport to town 'spell' is considered a Craft skill, and I moved a couple of the passive skills there too, since they seemed more like crafts. So it's stuff to expand the game experience. Instead of just slaying monsters and slogging towards ultimate victory, you might want to take a day off to go pick herbs and make potions. I don't know, it's up to you! I really love the crafting stuff in games like WoW, so ripping that off appeals to me. I'm ignoring it for now and doing other stuff though, just in case it seems like too much to do.
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