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  Snow Day! 08:50 AM -- Mon February 20, 2006  

I have visited snow before, but I have never lived in it. Until now! The wonders of the high desert:

It was really nice. We wandered around in it with the dogs, who apparently have very tough feet. Here they both are, not doing anything wrong:

And we'd throw snowballs for them, and despite the fact that they won't even look twice at a tennis ball, they chased down those snowballs like they were flying rabbits. It was fun and amusing. When they caught them, they'd chew and lick them to bits, although I think sometimes they tried to bring them back to us, but it didn't really work. Here's Mia enjoying one:

And that's the story of the snow day. Did I mention we live in the high desert?

Poor thing. The snow only lasted a few hours, but I think we might be expecting more, I don't know. It's sure cold enough - 21 degrees when I got up this morning. The weird thing is, it was 70 all last week.
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