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  New invention! 12:16 PM -- Fri February 24, 2006  

Catch the wave! I have just invented something miraculous and incredible. Don't steal it because I haven't had time to patent it just yet. It's called The Arbitrarium. It's a container, available in any shape you want (in fact, you can make your own out of, eh, whatever you like!). You fill it, or don't fill it, with as much or as little of anything you want as you want. Then you display it. Imagine what visitors to your home will say. Here's a sample situation:

You: Have you seen my new arbitrarium? It's full of fridge magnets!
Visitor: Wow, I just got one myself, and it's packed with fresh croissants.
You: Nice! Have you seen Jim's? It's almost empty, just has a set of car keys and a small pile of sand in it.
Visitor:Whoa, I'm outta here, I have got to see that!

Arbitrarium - the most creative thing to happen to home decor since walls. Order today!
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