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  Snowed in! 11:18 AM -- Mon March 13, 2006  

We spent the weekend actually snowed in. We got around 2 feet of snow at the highest, which wouldn't really snow most people in, but we have no chains and live out on a dirt road that doesn't get plowed, so here we were! It was rather a shock. Our little inch of snow the other time was exciting and new, but this just blew it away! And it's the middle of March!

It was practically a blizzard for 2 days straight. Okay, it wasn't a blizzard, but snow constantly coming down and blowing in the wind, that's a blizzard by my standards! It looks cloudless today, so I think it's at least going to mostly melt away, but man... snowed in! Sol couldn't go to work today even.

An interesting thing I never thought about was the vastly increased view we had - all the trees were completely bowed under by the weight of the snow, so we could see for miles, houses we never knew existed. That is, when it wasn't completely fogged over. The trees have mostly snapped back now.

Snow! Can you imagine?

They sure couldn't.
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