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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland II: Winter Woods 05:23 PM -- Wed April 19, 2006  

Same picture. I've been developing the game in an interesting way, now that the core of things is pretty much there. I start up a new character and begin playing, until I encounter something that isn't done, or isn't the way it should be. I save, make those changes, and go back to playing until the next issue. It's fun, and it seems to be working well. I've had to tweak a ton of balance things already - making enemies drop more items, fewer potions, less damage, more experience, all kinds of things like that.

There are about 6 or 7 quests fully in now, and I finally completed the one which earns you access to Axes R Us, the one-stop shop for all your axe needs. The quest was to find any five axes to bring to the shopkeeper, since he had been robbed and had no inventory to start from. It took much longer than it should've, resulting in one of the balance changes: axes drop more often now than they did! So today I have mostly been implementing the aforementioned shop. See, I did have several shops already done, but the new inventory system calls for a complete redo of the shops. So I'm working on that. It's fun. I was making up the pricing scheme for items, which will surely undergo major changes over time.

There is now a meter, beneath your Magic meter, which shows how much time remains on your current potion (only shows up if you're "under the influence"). Also, herbs now appear randomly scattered, and finding them is pretty fun. They have different traits. For instance, as a super secret tip for those clever enough to have found this diabolically hidden page, Bubbleweed always grows right next to water. That's why it's called Bubbleweed. Other ones have different rules about where and how they grow.
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