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  Dungeon Scroll Gold! 01:27 PM -- Wed April 26, 2006  

Dungeon Scroll Gold is here! It's not a sequel, it's just a major major update to the game. If you are an existing owner of Dungeon Scroll (who bought it from here!), send me an email letting me know an order number or something I can use to look up your order, and I'll get you a link to download the new version. If you're not an owner of it, download the demo and see what you're missing! It's really a huge improvement. The changes are basically:
  • World map to track progress over 25 dungeons, and even an ending now!
  • Online high scores
  • (my favorite) Bosses give Books Of Lore when beaten, which grant you upgrades that last the rest of the game
  • Difficulty has been rebalanced
  • Many new monsters and bosses, including some with unique and horrible abilities
  • Many new magic tiles, like +20 and x3 damage
  • Regular X, Q, and Z tiles get built-in special properties (it's only fair!)
  • The dictionary's been expanded to recognize more words
It's a lot more fun, and feels much more like an RPG. Go play!
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