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  Busy Weekend 10:35 AM -- Fri April 28, 2006  

First, to comment: Man, Nintendo is setting the internet aflame with slackjawed jabberjawing jackanapes via their naming announcement. Now, to clarify, so as not be a part of the crowd, I'm not commenting on the naming announcement. I'm commenting on the commenting on the naming announcement. Very important distinction. I'm no jackanape! But anyway, if you didn't hear, their upcoming console that was codenamed "Revolution" is officially named now. The actual real name is: Wii (pronounced "wee"). I'll leave the jokes in your hands, but suffice to say that since the announcement is a couple days old, they've all been done thousands of times by now. I just have this comment: if I buy the system or any games for it, I will buy them online, because I'm not going into a store to ask for a Wii. Anyway, my comment was just that they nailed this thing dead-on. It's a horrible name, and thus the internet has exploded with talk. If you look at Qatfish, which links to latest entries of tons of game developer blogs, you'll see that most of them are discussing it - multiple times each (most entries that aren't directly discussing it still mention it... kinda like this one right here)! Well played, Nintendo, well played.

Also, Guild Wars: Factions, the expansion to Guild Wars, is available as of yesterday for folks like me who preordered. So I way played that. But it's funny, it became available at midnight Wednesday, and I joked that I'd stay up to play it right away. I didn't do that, but I woke up at about 2am with massive heartburn, and I don't know about you, but when I have heartburn, I can't lay down. I have to sit up. So from 2am until the sun came up, I was indeed playing it! And then some. So that was like a big event that I have been anticipating a long time and got to 'enjoy' (with my stomach feeling that way, it could've been more fun).

Thirdly, tonight begins yet another Ludum Dare 48 Hour Contest! I will see what I can do! These are always fun, though I seem to be less capable each time.

So that's my busy weekend. Don't forget to check out Dungeon Scroll Gold if you haven't. It's the Guild Wars of word games.
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