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  Wee! 11:55 AM -- Tue May 2, 2006  

Wee Ninja is now available on the Gamelets page. Give it a try! There was a specific "cool moment" that was my goal when I began working on it, although it didn't really pan out at all. It was the idea of throwing the box up in the air, beating up a group of guys, then catching it and continuing running. You can definitely do exactly that in the game - in slow motion, no less! - but it's not 'cool', it's just kinda fun. It didn't fit what I had in mind, but it works as gameplay at least. And overall, the game is pretty fun. It gets pointless fast, but unlocking the Ninja Skillz is entertaining, and then using them is too, for a little while.

I got Guild Wars: Factions, and Morrowind yesterday, so that should be very helpful to my productivity. It is having the intended inspirational effect, though - little ideas pertaining to my game. Every time I play a game, I always automatically think up what my take on that game would be, and suddenly desperately want to make it (incidentally, I've been playing tons of Dynasty Warriors 5 lately - if you've played any Dynasty Warriors, you know exactly where Wee Ninja comes from!). So this idea of stocking up on RPGs while I'm working on one is rather brilliant. It's making a big difference! The Talent system in Loonyland 2 came from looking at a World Of Warcraft website, although I am not sure what inspired the "improves with use" aspect of it (that is in Morrowind, and has been newly added to Guild Wars in the form of titles you can earn, but I encountered both of those after adding this). I think mainly from how the 'craft' skills in World Of Warcraft level with use, so that you don't have to divert your skill points or whatever toward things that aren't directly useful. That was an issue I kept thinking about it, and it works out nicely this way. You're welcome to spend hours and hours mixing potions, but now you don't have to compromise your fighting ability to be good at it.

Okay, so that was mainly just to tell you I got new games, so hooray for me! I also recently got an Aero Ace radio controlled plane. It's really cheap - just a styrofoam plane with two engines, and the controller tells it how much juice to put in each engine (so it steers like a tank!). But it's very cool! Way cheaper than getting into 'real' radio controlled planes, but you can fly it around and have fun. They have a cool gigantic 4-foot wingspan one for a bunch more money, but I read that you need tons of space to fly it, and I'd end up landing it in the neighbor's yard. My biggest problem with my little plane is that it can't tolerate even the tiniest bit of wind (it probably weighs an ounce) - and Anza is like a perpetual hurricane. Even when it seems dead calm around here, the trees are just slightly waving, and that's enough to make the plane almost unflyable. So I recommend this little plane (which, by the way, is nearly indestructible), but only if you live somewhere unwindy. You can fly it indoors too, but the turning radius is so big, you'd have to be in a gymnasium for it to be remotely usable.

So, to all my new games and toys, I say this: WEEEEEE!!!
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