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  Assorted Flavors 11:46 AM -- Wed May 10, 2006  

* Nature Note: a giant lizard was in our garden, which incidentally we have finally set up and it's looking really good. This lizard was maybe a foot and a half long total, all sand colored with leopard patterns. He was cool. So cool in fact that he didn't move when touched... until I touched his back. That made him rocket across the garden, right into the chickenwire. I wouldn't think that would hurt too much, but thereafter he never moved again. He's still in the same place we moved him after that. It's sad.

* Nature Note: Also, Sol saw a garter snake in the garden too. I missed that!

* Nature Note: A mouse got in our house! We believe it came in the window we had open for the cats to visit their cat run. But we had an adventure chasing it down and catching it. It was the cutest thing ever to live. That's not past tense, mind you - we captured it with my official Bug Catching Gear (a little plastic tub, and the cardboard CD case for Rise Of Nations for a lid) and released it outside after marveling at the cuteness. It was quite a struggle to save it from the more efficient hunters that live in our house. It was squeaking like crazy when two of them had it cornered in the bathroom (that was how we finally nabbed it though, teamwork!).

* Domesticated Nature Note: Our dogs have gotten very very bad. They have developed a technique for jumping over our 6-foot fence (it's a Jackie Chan style ricochet off the corners, quite impressive). They really like to be out in the world chasing rabbits, so this is a big problem. They now live in their kennel at all times unless they are on a leash. Nobody's happy with that at all, so we're looking forward to getting some electric stuff to keep them from jumping there. In the long term, we are also hiring a trainer to help out. That is so very not cheap. There are 3 corners they could do this in, though so far they have only done it at one, so we hope that's the only one they want to use. Stupid dogs!

* Music: To celebrate our tax refund, we ordered a huge pile of used CDs and DVDs from Second Spin (which I am again recommending). That's cool and yay. We have eclectic tastes, and our tastes don't entirely overlap, so we got everything from 80's to emo rock to Ozzy to Sixpence to 60's/70's folky stuff. Only, we got a little more eclectic than we planned. You see, for some reason, Sol's copy of Crosby, Stills and Nash's Greatest Hits was shrinkwrapped together with a CD we didn't order. Like a bundle package, a free bonus. It wasn't on our order, and it was shrinkwrapped on, so I presume that was the intent. So what music did they decide made a great match with Crosby, Stills And Nash? That's easy enough - Method Man, of course! Kind of the same genre and all. I'm sure there's a lot of fan crossover. So I'll be checking that out. I don't think I like it so far. It's not that I don't like rap, but I liked rap when it was rhythmic. These days, the music is nice and thumping, but the words are just a ramble of things that kinda rhyme, with no particular connection to the music. Seems that way to me. But you know us old fogies - what the kids listen to is all just noise! Git offa my lawn!

* Those are all the flavors I have to offer you at this time. Look for a Sneak Peek tomorrow, though. And I have a new schedule as usual, to get me on the ball with these Journal updates, Sneak Peeks, and the two hundred other things that fill my day to overflowing.
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