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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland II: Winter Woods 08:10 PM -- Mon May 29, 2006  

I woke up this weekend with a thought... I had just the day before come up with the main thrust of how you'd get through Loonyland 2 - how the plot would proceed from the beginning to what I knew the ending was going to be - and it includes some new characters with some backstory to them. I tossed and turned on those ideas, and started thinking about Valentine Valley and Easter Island (other provinces of Loonyland that have had very brief mentions in the original game). I realized that this place is a really cool and totally original setting. I want to set more games in the world of Loonyland! So in pondering this stuff, I began to draw out a map. It's very crappy, and extra hard to see after being photographed and reduced, but there it is. That is the Kingdom Of Loonyland (subject to future alteration, mind you - and some of the places don't actually have names yet, like how it says "P Peninsula" at the bottom, because "Passover Peninsula" doesn't sound right to me).

Yes, it means all that stuff about how this is Bulgaria in the 1800s magically vanishes, but I don't care. I really like this world. I like Swampdogs, I love the mystery of Happy Stick (and oh, you have no idea where that is going!), and I really like the Order Of The Snuggly Bunny, which you will meet (and have the option of joining) in Loonyland 2, along with a classic Hamumu character who is going to appear out of the blue. It's never been in any Hamumu game before, but you'll recognize it right away anyway.

There may be more games set in this world. Not just Loonyland sequels, but imagine a strategy game where you march troops from one province to another, or a pure action game that takes place in the Northland (maybe that Viking game on the Dumb Idea page). Why not an MMORPG? Okay, that one I can tell you why not - because that it'd be an impossible task for one person. But who knows. It's inspiring! There's nothing quite like drawing a map. See over there by Friendship Fields, there's a crack across the entire continent which the ocean flows through, kind of a wet Grand Canyon. It's called The Break (that's the illegible text at the top of it), and no, I don't know what caused it, but I'm sure there's some good mythology lying in wait to belong there. Well, technically it's caused because I drew the continent ending at Summer Springs and then realized that Groundhog's Gulf wasn't much of a gulf unless I enclose it a little, but that's not very good mythology.

I love making things that tie together. I get a real kick in the brain when something fits neatly into an evolving storyline. This Loonyland thing, it appeals to me. But don't expect there to ever be an explanation to why almost everything is named after a season or holiday (and is alliterative). It's just their style. And in honor of today, I will point out that the mountains to the east of Valentine Valley are the Memorial Mountains (if you aren't American, today is Memorial Day - it also is, perhaps even more so, if you are American).

It's great - a big epic world (call it the Loonyverse if you so desire, I can't stop you), but one based entirely in silliness.
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