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  Born yesterday? 06:41 PM -- Thu June 15, 2006  

Not to harp on the nature notes thing, but right at this moment, I am looking out the window to see a rabbit drinking from a little bowl we have out there, a big lizard doing pushups on a rock, and - this is the key and the reason I had been staring long enough for the other stuff to show up - two quail and their new family of baby quail! And by new, I mean that these guys couldn't use the phrase "I wasn't born yesterday" with any veracity. They are walking through our chickenwire fence! They're like an inch tall! The mama or papa is sitting up on our garden fence, keeping an eye out. Of course, the other parent is just lounging around picking food off the ground. But it's cute how the horde of quailitos skitter around that one. I'm a bit concerned about how much time they're spending wandering into the garden itself, but it's alright. I don't mind feeding them. I'm pretty sure these are the 3rd generation in our yard. Last year, their grandparents wandered around our yard with their parents in tow as little babies themselves, though we sure never saw them this little. Maybe we'll get their kids next year too. Of course, once the dogs are finally free to roam the yard again, that may not be so likely.

So, nobody has commented on my proposed Loonyland 2 pre-order idea. What do you think? The proposition is that once it's ready for testing, I would open it up to pre-orders. If you preorder, you get to play the beta version until the final is released, at which point of course you get that instead. Benefits to you: play the game early, you're gonna be buying it anyway (you know you are!) so it's not like you're wasting any money, and have some impact on the final product with your suggestions. Benefits to me: I don't have to try to police testers to make sure they do their job and all that junk, and I get lots of testers for free (not very dedicated testers, probably, but it's an experiment). It seems pretty good all around, although there's a certain lameness to all the surprises getting spoiled before the official release. What do you think?
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