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  The Source Of The Problem 06:08 PM -- Tue June 27, 2006  

I went to the dentist today for the usual cleaning. The hygienist told me "That one spot, the gums were bleeding really badly. When you floss, really spend some extra time there - it's the bacteria that cause that bleeding." Oh really? The bacteria? Funny, because I thought it was the razor sharp metal spikes that were being jabbed into my gum tissue that caused the bleeding!

See, the bacteria were there yesterday, and there was no bleeding. Today, the bleeding began. It began roughly at the moment a shard of steel was driven into my flesh. I think any detective worth his badge would be able to find the weapon used in the attack. Of course, the other possibility is that it was caused by bacteria, and the bacteria in question were right on the tip of the spikey thing, jumping into my mouth and slicing it up. If that's the case, perhaps the dentist needs to invest in an autoclave! And that, my friends, is the word of the day for today - Autoclave: A device for sterilizing medical instruments.

Actually, the visit went quite well. That was the only painful bit, which is a general surprise, and no cavities and they said I was doing a very good job. Then to go with my tooth trimming, I got my first haircut in many months, so I am now a respectable member of society.

PS - Does anybody know anything about electric fences? We're afraid that the one we got - since the manual says "DO NOT USE WITH DOGS!" - will not be safe for our dogs.
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