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  Sanity-Free!! 09:25 PM -- Sun September 3, 2006  

Hey, welcome to SANITY-FREE SEPTEMBER!! I've already blorted out the used-car salesman stuff about it in ten different places, so I think I'll calmly discuss it here.

SFS actually was a completely spur-of-the-moment thing, spawned by the new chat we're trying out. I was lamenting in there that there hadn't been any add-on worlds in a long time (one in the past two months, that is). So I said I'd give out Prize Points to anybody sending in a world. Then I said "hey, I ought to mention this on the forum so people know!" And the rest is history. I have no other ideas for clever SFS promotions right now, but feel free to suggest them. I'm looking for things that are super easy to do and won't cost me much money. Duh!

I just now installed a mod on our forums that I'm crossing my fingers will cut down on the incredible flood of spam registrations (there are hardly any spam posts - the spammers just create accounts to get their website listed in the memberlist). Lots of people have recommended to switch to VBulletin forum software, as it doesn't seem to get so attacked. I'm hesitant for a variety of reasons - I'd have to install it and not break anything, I'd have to transfer the data, it costs $150 plus $30 every year after that, and PHPBB3 is coming out hopefully soon. I'd be really mad if I spent $150 on a forum only to find that my favorite free forum was offering everything I ever dreamed and more a month later. So hopefully this mod will give me the time to see if PHPBB3 is good. I do like VBulletin, actually, but I'd rather stick with what I know and love.

Stay sanity-free, kool kats! Don't forget there's 10% off everything in our game store, plus you get 100 Prize Points with every game you order! Click on the SANITY-FREE SEPTEMBER!! logo at the top of any page to be whisked off to see what all the features of this fabulous month are. New ones may or may not be added, depending on my complete INSANITY!!!!
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