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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland II: Winter Woods 06:55 PM -- Wed September 13, 2006  

At last, a pic! This is, as indicated, the Crystal Caverns. Like all of the underworld, it's totally psychedelic. It's more exciting in motion, because the crystals flicker and pulse. There's also a monster in this scene, which looks awfully similar to the crystals, but he's actually made of ice. I know there should be more enemies, stomping me all over the place, but I haven't actually set up the enemy counts for this area yet. There are also lovely glowing mushrooms and gaping chasms and spikey rocks in the underworld, but you don't get to see those right now. Now that I look at this, I realize it's not a very exciting scene... but I was excited about the crystals, so too bad.

Today I finished all of the graphics needed to build the underworld, including the monsters and everything, so it should be a fairly rapid process to put it all together. Graphics are always the biggest task.
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