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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland II: Winter Woods 05:59 PM -- Tue September 19, 2006  

Another place underground, another psychedelic picture! And just like crystals, mushrooms glow! Lots of things glow in the underworld. My favorite thing in the whole underworld are those twisty purple rock spires that stick up out of the pits. They serve no purpose, they just look nicely 3D.

So I have been going through mapping the underworld and putting in all the various goodies that you can collect in the parts I've already got mapped (skills, presents, treasure chests). This is of course the Sacred Forest (but sacred to whom? And why? Hmmm...), which you will at one point be tasked with undefiling (Dedefiling? Refiling? Filing?), in the traditional videogame way: kill stuff.

But the big new things are Artifacts! I felt all along that the 'item game' in the game needed another edge, because there just wasn't enough exciting stuff going on in the gear you could find. So now there are artifact items. They have unique magic powers that regular items can never have, and they are hand-designed instead of random. They are also very rare! Some are wacky joke items, and others are very nice. Still others are suited to specific character schemes, and rather useless for everyone else. Gotta catch 'em all! There's one I can't tell you about because it is insidiously clever and it will make me laugh when people discover both the up side and down side to it, which are both stupid in different ways.

As a taste of the magic of artifacts, I will let you know that yes, two of them are indeed The Nebro-Gubular Axe and The Regeneratorizer Amulet. Now don't you wish you hung out in the chat room? You'd hear about all this stuff in advance, and get to suggest artifacts yourself!
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