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  DumbWords! 10:09 PM -- Sun November 4, 2007  

Hey, if you haven't seen it yet, you need to get in on DumbWords. It's the latest game here, and it won't take up more than 20 seconds of your time once a day, so come by and do it every day! You will win Yerfbucks and trophies, and it is fun to do. The rules are very simple, so go check them out! You of course need a Dumb Account to play. You'll always find it on the Dumb Folks section of the site, so just hit it every day, and see how you are doing!

It's the first of the web games to grace Hamumuland. This one is designed for everybody to just casually drop by each day, but there will someday be others with different concepts, like ones you sign up for a specific session, or drop in and play real-time. More games, trophies, avatars, and other fun stuff will continue to appear on the site. I hope you like this game though, and I hope you get hooked! A game like this is only fun when lots of people participate.

On the more tragic side, we've got our new Chatroom available now, and really it's not working so well. It kicks people out a lot, and sometimes locks people from getting in. It's all we've got for the moment, but hopefully someday we'll have something better or it will get upgraded. In the meantime, come visit - it's connected to the forum (you can access it from the Quick Links menu at the top of the forum), and so you are automatically logged in when you enter. I may actually end up having to shut it down, because I've been having some real issues with pages loading today and I'm afraid it relates to the bandwidth and CPU time that the chat is using up, but we'll see. I have problems with the inernet occasionally!

And hey, bookmark DumbWords! You've gotta hit it every day.
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