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  Patchy Pants 10:59 AM -- Mon November 5, 2007  

Get the Sleepless Hollow patch if you own it!

I hate having to patch games. It always happens... Inevitably, when you open the game up to a wider audience (from the select few testers it started with), you've got tons more eyeballs and fingers crawling over it, and they end up getting into places none of the smaller group ever did. If I had vast riches, I could hire hundreds of testers, and I'd be simulating that wide audience to begin with. But on my budget, a few is all you get! Of course, in this particular case, it didn't help that we were under an extreme deadline. From start to finish, this game took 2 months, all testing included. The testing actually went on while the game was being developed, which was another tricky aspect. Still, it worked out really well (guess it helped that it's a modified version of a game that is known to work well!). Except for one issue, which I still can't figure out the explanation for (the missing yellow key - I played this game to 100% completion without cheating, so I don't know what that's about! Well, I made some changes while I played, so it must have been somehow in there), it's all just ways to mess up the puzzles that I hadn't accounted for.

I'm sure more will be discovered over time, but I had to balance between waiting until a good proportion of the issues were discovered, and getting it out quickly to save people from the pain. That's the balance you have with a patch. If I had shot it out right away as soon as the first bug was announced, I'd have patched it daily since release! That would drive people nuts (me most of all), and just complicate matters, not to mention being a whole lot of work on my end.
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