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  Sneak Peek: Next Adventure Of Bouapha 07:26 PM -- Tue November 20, 2007  

I'm still not going to reveal just what his next adventure is, but here's a shot of it so far!

Yep, it's an all-new Bouapha! Well, it's a new Bouapha. He's not all-new since I worked from the original. But he's cartoon shaded now (and his head and eyes are bigger - I find that very important to my artistic integrity). In this adventure, Bouapha has no hammers at all, just an amazing assortment of oddly cheerful weaponry with extremely detailed stats. Unsurprisingly, these weapons can be leveled up. And of course, the leveling process involves jellybeans.

The background is actually Brayka Lake from Sleepless Hollow. I haven't done any map creating yet, I've just been running around firing the H.R. Puffencrush at poor innocent Froggies. The target there is the crosshair which you aim with the mouse. You fire with right-clicks, and can either move by left clicking or with the arrow keys. It's got a good feel to it - the arrow key control is very powerful and useful (see the Retrovirus game on this site for an example of what it's like), while the pure mouse control works for those with less coordination skill, or for me while I am eating lunch.

So, feel free to wonder where this adventure will take place and why he would use marshmallow-based weaponry (not that all the weapons fire marshmallows, just this one. I plan to have one fire rainbows!). This adventure is almost the opposite of Sleepless Hollow - very few puzzles, hopefully not overly difficult, and pretty much solid arcade action. Something like Alien Shooter(but a whole lot less violent), if you have heard of that.
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