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  Best Halloween Ever Surprises 01:11 PM -- Sat November 1, 2008  

I have finally tallied up and dished out the points and trophies for BHE2008. For your edification, here's the thread where almost everybody posted links to their surprises: BHE Surprises!

I was going to go through and talk about them all, but then I realized how that would be way too much work when I have serious stuff that needs doing! So let me just say big thanks to Sillyman, Mr. Onion, Revolution, Kerma, Hammered, Crabwarrior, Hyperme, TyTBone, Cheeselord, Qwertybub3, Spiderpumpkin, Redbone, Knittel, Moltanem2000, SpaceManiac, Coolguy, and Blackduck for helping to make this the Best Halloween Ever! You see why it would've taken a while?

This morning there was a nice post-Halloween surprise for me in that the auto-updater was badly broken! I awoke to having to spend an hour hacking PHP and even doing some manual changes in the database to get everybody properly awarded for TAG, DumbWords, and Costume Party! But it always feels good when you know you've fixed something, so maybe I should break it more often.

Speaking of broken, there are a bunch of little issues I need to work out with the online connecting in Costume Party. Unfortunately, some of them are quite a mystery to me. You'd think if everybody was connecting to the same server, they'd be communicating in the same way, but such is not life. There's an amazing variety of different responses, depending on the victim's computer, apparently. And it seems my code doesn't handle all of them just yet. Still working on that.
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