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  The Next Phase 01:18 PM -- Sun November 30, 2008  

Well, the Winter Pack is done! I have everything set up so you can purchase it and play it, I just haven't put it up on the website yet. And as I sit here writing this, I find myself wondering why not... No reason it can't be up there for people to early-bird buy, right? I'll put it up once I finish writing this. Then I will of course announce it tomorrow in the newsletter.

If you're wondering where I have been for quite some time, the answer is vacation! I've been at home, but with the wife off work for a week for Thanksgiving, we just hung out and didn't do much. We watched a whole lot of Buffy. In fact, we got through the first three seasons, and now we are in season 4 (interspersed with Angel season 1). We had to watch that stuff since Netflix couldn't keep up with our sitting in front of the TV all day. I moved my laptop into the living room for this entire week. WoW+TV. That's relaxation!

So that was vacation and the end of the development of Winter Pack, all in one. Next up, two more Costume Party expansions of indeterminate content. Feel free to post ideas on the forum for what kind of new and interesting tiles and monsters you might like to see! I've got the costumes covered, I think. And what else is next? Well, I plan to develop those expansions on the side for fun, while I work on a real project!

Disregarding my earlier ideas, I have now struck on the perfect small-scale super-cool project that will upset everyone whose name is a cut of meat. A turn-based strategy game! Like I mentioned Happy Pony Wars before, but I am thinking perhaps that it will be Loonyland Tactics instead, with you going around trying to conquer the various lands of Loonyland (and using an army that came from one of them). What will be cool about this idea is that it has the same business as Costume Party - you can make battlefields on which to fight, or single-player scenarios people can try - but it also has another online element: multiplayer battles! A whole new world to consider there, but it'll be done in 'play-by-email' type format. Not that email is actually involved, but you log in, make your moves, and whenever your opponent logs in and makes her move, you'll be able to move again. So not a direct head-to-head at the moment, but rather a leisurely game, like playing chess with some old guy in Russia by mail. Of course, if you are both online at the same time, you can just wait a few minutes and get your foe's move right then.

Still very much in basic design for that, but definitely planning to rip off Land Of Legends, and make sure there's some leveling up involved, and items to collect. I have some cool ideas for the Eyeball Tree army... and there should be a Happy Pony army too. Definitely going to take some designing before I do any real work. I spent hours looking around for my copy of Land Of Legends, and the design I wrote long ago for a rip-off of it, all to no avail. And I know there were some vital key ideas in there! Very annoying.
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