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  Just Settling Down For A Long Winter's Nap 05:24 PM -- Thu December 22, 2011  

Hey, it has been a long time since I have said anything here! I have been working... absurdly hard. I have not been working on the Witch Game. That is my "current project" and I'll be going back to it soon, but I had a bit of a holiday interruption with another project, that is now just about done. Unfortunately, I can't share that project with you right now, but I can tell you that some version of it will be in your hands to play within the next couple of months.

I'm mainly just popping in to let you know that for the following week, I will be taking a nice long hearty vacation from all manner of work! I will still reply to emails, but I'm not going to do anything else that could be construed as work. I'm going to try very hard to truly throw work aside and actually let my brain rest for the first time in my life. I've taken vacations many times in the past years, but I don't know that I've ever done it seriously. I'm burned out. Really badly. I find that I can only work for about half an hour before I start thinking "Hey, don't I deserve a WoW break yet?", and I think (I hope!) that is the result of having been in crunch mode for years straight. Every time I finish a project, I just launch the next one (or I launch it halfway through the previous...). It's time to really rest and see if my mental energy can recover, and maybe I can be excited about getting work done and not feel like I constantly want to take a break. I don't know, I think we shall see after this week!

See you all in 2012, when the world ends, and Diablo 3 comes out!

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  The Monster Shop is OPEN! 12:35 PM -- Tue December 13, 2011  

Okay, this is going to cause controversy, so please read the disclaimer on the page and understand... I have had people come to me wanting to buy Monster Cards. I also have a desire to ensure the "game" of trading Monster Cards isn't broken by people dumping in Yerfbucks. So, as a result we have The Monster Shop. The cards are expensive, and you can't buy them with Yerfbucks. That's because I don't really think you should buy them. But if you have too much money and you don't know what to do with it, or you are looking for a way to donate to Hamumu for some reason, The Monster Shop is here for you!

I'd prefer if you spent your money buying Dumb games, even buying them for your friends or enemies or third cousins, but if you are obsessed with Monster Cards, you can buy them now! Enjoy!
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