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  Gameplay! 07:32 PM -- Mon August 29, 2011  

It's a lot like a 48-hour contest, only a little slower... I've got the editor loading, saving, and painting on several layers and whatnot. And now at last, Pee Wee is jumping around in a real live level! I also tried something new which works like a charm: there's a duplicate of the solid tile layer, rendered as shadows. Looks nice that way, sort of 3D in a very unrealistic way. I'm full of ideas for this one, the trick is figuring out what I actually want to include.
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  Pee Wee's Nightmare 06:24 PM -- Sun August 28, 2011  

Whoa, nightmarish! I don't know if that sky needs to be toned down or not, we'll have to see once the background tiles are in the way. The sky should only be visible through assorted windows and things. But anyway, this is all a nightmare, so nightmarish is nice.

This is the level editor, of course... which is very minimal right now, because I had to start this game from almost-scratch! I've updated to Flixel v2.5 which is a major change from the previous version, so all my old stuff is unusable without major changes. It was easier to start over, and hopefully will let me create some beautiful clean code. Maybe.
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  Beta Test Are Is For Go! 01:25 PM -- Wed August 24, 2011  

If you signed up to test and I got your email, you are in! Visit the forum to experience the wonder. If you didn't sign up, you are OUT! Visit McDonald's to buy a cheeseburger.

In other news, I have no particular other news at the moment, just testing this up and it should be done pretty soon. Oh, and I got to the final boss (well, the final proper boss, there's still one more, I heard) in Dead Rising 2, and I am suffering from the classic video game problem of "this game was perfectly playable up until the final boss!!!" Not entirely true though, there was another boss earlier that was also a massive ramp-up in difficulty and pain. I got through that, maybe I'll get through this too. I really hate when part of the 'difficulty' of something is that they can knock you off a ledge and you have to fight your way back to them for five minutes. I'm also playing Bayonetta. Also super hard. I think I'm playing that one wrong. I took too much time off between playing the early tutorially levels and then coming back to it, so I don't know the things I'm supposed to do.
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  Dive Right In! 10:57 AM -- Mon August 22, 2011  

Who wants to beta test Pedro And The Pearls Of Peril? It's really reaching that point! I think it needs a lot of tweaking for balance more than anything else, and it's about time somebody other than me played it so we had an idea what that balance was.

This one is pretty much just a pure shooter, move with arrows/WASD, shoot with mouse. Level up your weapons in whichever way you want, blast everything around you, and find the soggy mail. I'm not really super concerned with balance... the real fun is just in mowing everyone down with totally overpowered weaponry.

So, to sign up, you should know the drill by now: send me an email saying you want to test! No restrictions except having been kicked out of a previous test. And you have to be a member of the forums, since the test is on the forums. I'll start up testing on Wednesdayish.
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  Escape From Health! 01:52 PM -- Sat August 20, 2011  

Well, big surprise in LD this weekend! I guess I am taking time off from my main projects, but not to make an LD game. As I was getting ready to go to bed, I suddenly realized I was feeling horrible. I am sick! Hopefully no big whoop that will feel better all day, but for now, forget work, I'm gonna sit around and feel crappy. Here's my total accomplishments:

Some tiles!
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  Escape The Contest! 10:09 PM -- Fri August 19, 2011  

I'm not really escaping the contest, but my idea is sort of... well, I was concerned about wasting these two days when I really need to be progressing, so what I came up with is something that will help me also make progress on the work I need to do. Which is to say, it's not going to be terribly innovative, though it should offer a nice creativity element to players (level building always good). Just your basic game game. Which is sad, I like to try weird experimental things for LDs, but the pressure is on over the next few months to do a lot of different things, and this will actually help significantly with two of them. I can't say what two, due to super secretness.

With that decision out of the way, I run into the other issue... it's a lot easier for me to just make this and go, not make it for LD at all. If I enter LD, I have to share what I make at the end of the weekend, which kind of undermines the reveal when the polished version comes out later. Further, unless I just do the LD Jam (72 hours, no rules), I can't reuse old stuff, which both makes my job a lot harder, and actually causes a specific problem: I can't use Kid Hallow (there, I said it!).

So I guess really it's not much of a decision, it is what it is: I'm going to be inspired by the LD48 contest to work really hard on a cool game coming soon from Hamumu. Which means I'm not entering LD, not even the Jam (because I don't want to release a junk version of the game in advance). Since I'm being inspired by LD, I better get out there and see what everybody's doing! When I actually do LD, I barely pay any attention at all because I'm so busy just getting my work done. This should be fun. If less productive.
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  Ludum Dare 48 #21 begins! 08:59 PM -- Fri August 19, 2011  

Ludum Dare!

The theme is... Escape

I am gonna go for a walk and figure out what I think about that. I really need to crank on Scuba Pedro, so I'm not sure how much effort I want to put into this. It's always good to do an LD game though, so I hope I do it. It's really turning into such a huge and exciting event, growing every time. Pretty cool to be a part of the movement.

(P.S. Blah to the theme)
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  Ollie Went To Town! 02:49 PM -- Thu August 18, 2011  

Ollie Goes To Town is out at last! Go give it a try! It's kind of the same gameplay as Mia's Happy Day, but made much more accessible, and letting you gradually develop your abilities instead of dumping it all in your lap. Perhaps you will learn through it how to master Mia's Happy Day and become a champ! It also has the fun-time fun of 'leveling up' (in a way), and massively entertaining robot spectators. It's a good one, so play it.
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  Pedro's Arsenal 04:53 PM -- Tue August 16, 2011  

I drew all of Pedro's weapons! And I implemented one more of them, the Torpedo Tube. Each weapon has seven upgrades you can buy. The first four are the same for all weapons: damage, rate of fire, reload speed, and ammo capacity. The remaining three are unique to each weapon. There is enough information in this screenshot to guess what two of the three are for the Torpedo Tube...
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  Mine All Mine 09:24 PM -- Sun August 14, 2011  

Pedro finally has his second weapon! There are also two new enemies, but you don't get to see them today. The Mine Launcher is a very slow weapon, but obviously quite devastating. As a bonus, it's able to blast walls open, a key ability you will need. It's like the mines in Scuba Jim, but a lot more active. If you level it up enough, you can pretty much just plow through the level without regard for obstacles! Of course, if you are spending that long leveling it up, you could've won the game already.

In testing this, I find myself stuck playing for long periods of time usually. That's a good sign... It's the same thing that always catches me: I want to level up more!
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