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  Dive Right In! 10:57 AM -- Mon August 22, 2011  

Who wants to beta test Pedro And The Pearls Of Peril? It's really reaching that point! I think it needs a lot of tweaking for balance more than anything else, and it's about time somebody other than me played it so we had an idea what that balance was.

This one is pretty much just a pure shooter, move with arrows/WASD, shoot with mouse. Level up your weapons in whichever way you want, blast everything around you, and find the soggy mail. I'm not really super concerned with balance... the real fun is just in mowing everyone down with totally overpowered weaponry.

So, to sign up, you should know the drill by now: send me an email saying you want to test! No restrictions except having been kicked out of a previous test. And you have to be a member of the forums, since the test is on the forums. I'll start up testing on Wednesdayish.
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