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  LD20: More Needless Stuff 09:40 PM -- Sat April 30, 2011  

I've implemented a ton of little pointless bits of the game rather than the actual meat of the gameplay. But whatever, I'm having fun. Now Jim bubbles as he swims, there's a sky, you can't swim in it, you collide with walls, there's a tugboat captained by Mumbly Jim which chugs smoke out, and you have an oxygen meter and life meter. Life meter does nothing, but the oxygen meter depletes over time as you might expect.
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  LD20: Jim N' Oysters 01:08 PM -- Sat April 30, 2011  

Tons of upgrades this morning. Jim is now swimming through a randomly generated sea, with tiles that I actually finished, and they are auto-shaped instead of just all square, and oysters appear (currently in extreme profusion). Jim can't collect them, but he can be amazed by them.

Now I have to head off for lunch stuff, and will be back much later to resume the excitement.
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  LD20: Scuba Jim Swims! 11:43 PM -- Fri April 29, 2011  

No screenshot because it'd look like the last one (except perhaps with Jim at an angle). Jim now swims to wherever you click. It's SOOOOooo exciting! Well, it works anyway. I think having something functional and drawn on Friday night is a record for me, I normally just think about ideas and go to bed.

And now I shall do those things!
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  Scuba Jim Lives! 10:52 PM -- Fri April 29, 2011  

I don't know which idea I actually want to do, but drawing was better time spent than muttering and lamenting. He's fully animated with an 8 frame swim that looks totally stupid! Yay!
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  LD20: Theme Announce & Ideas 10:05 PM -- Fri April 29, 2011  

The theme is horrendous, worst in LD history: "It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This". My ideas currently look like this:

IDEA #1 - Scuba Jim

Dive for pearls. Trade them for diving supplies. Scuba tanks let you swim deeper and longer, harpoons kill sharks, lucky charms make oysters more likely to contain pearls. Keep going until you die or become too rich to continue diving and end up as a boring rich person.

IDEA #2 - Shopkeeper Jim

3 parts. Commodity store where you buy wood, metal, etc. Crafting interface ripped straight out of Minecraft, where you build that into RPG items. And finally, storefront where you sell the items to adventurers.
Tension: you want to charge lots to make lots of money, but if you charge less, adventurers will buy more and be better equipped, thus living to return to buy more.
Simulates the adventures.

IDEA #3 - Petstore Jim

It's dangerous to go through life alone, and the #1 killer in the USA is heart disease. Petting an animal reduces your blood pressure. Ergo, buy a pet.

IDEA #4 - Roguelike Jim

Roguelike because roguelikes are fun.
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  LD20: Ain't Started Yet 05:19 PM -- Fri April 29, 2011  

Hey, LD20 is starting in 4 hours, and I will do some blogging, but I will also be doing my first attempt at streaming! Drop by Livestream throughout the weekend, to hang out in the Livestream chat and see me in action. I'm not gonna be on as much as I'd like, with various commitments, but hey, see what happens! It's a dry run for the Dumbstorm. That link to visit me and entertain me is...

Drop by, repeatedly and lots! Even if it's offline, people could chat there.
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  Ludum Dare 20! 07:25 PM -- Wed April 27, 2011  

Let's get ready to Bryant GUMBEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeellll!!! Wait, let's not, let's participate in Ludum Dare #20! I'm in. I will give a shot to ustreaming my work, good practice for my planned Dumbstorm performance later this year. I will be of course using Flixel or maybe Flashpunk. There's a new version of Flixel released just today, maybe I should give that a go. But then I'd have to juggle two installed versions, that sounds less fun. I suspect this new version needs a good shaking before it'll be bug-free-ish.

So even if you aren't participating, drop on by to see if I have uStream up and working and you can pop in and yell at people in the chat there. Oh, but I will be out for a large chunk of Saturday (the middle chunk), so that will certainly put a damper on progress. Other than that, I hope to be streaming for the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday - during proper LDing hours, that is. I'm not the type to leave my PC up all night. If I can't get uStream up to standards, or somebody complains about it killing her Netflix viewing, I'll be sure to blog and hang out in the Hamchat.

Let's make some games, peoples!
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  Mama, I'm Coming Home 09:28 PM -- Tue April 26, 2011  

The prodigal CD has returned! About 6 or 7 months ago, I had two CD orders get stuck in British customs, demanding an exorbitant payment from the recipient to continue on. Neither recipient was pleased or willing to pay, and so the CDs were being returned to me. One was Supreme With Cheese, I think, and that came back a few months ago. The second one, Loonyland 2 CE, got here today! Such service! The package was mangled, but the CD is fine. So now, there is one existing LL2CE disc instead of none! Exciting. A little too exciting, because I don't know what to do with it. I'll come up with something sometime. I don't want to just re-open sales of it, and then close them after the first order. I should probably keep it for posterity. When I say there's only one, I mean it - I don't have a disc of my own!

In other, very time-sensitive, news, Robot Wants Kitty for iPhone is free for today only! Grab it!
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  Me! Me! Me! 07:16 PM -- Sun April 24, 2011  

Today, I did the most massive and extensive website overhaul since Gawker drove everybody away from their site. Behold the totally new (except the text is totally unchanged, even though it's really lame and should be changed in some way) About Page! Astounding! Yeah, it's not much. But it's always nice to knock out something that was supposed to happen for decades.

In other news, I successfully shared a Mia's Happy Day level onto the internet! I can't actually download it back down yet, but I can get a list of levels available, which contains it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll find out if the actual data therein is remotely correct. It has one up on Costume Party in that you can also save your work to disk, so you can set things aside and work on them later, or tweak something you've done before, that kind of thing. You can even email them to your friends if you for some reason want to share that way instead. The Playtomic system that handles the online storage seems very simple and limited, but solid. Well, solid except for the fact that many times now it's just sat there doing nothing. I hope that's not as bad as it seems, maybe I'm doing something wrong there.
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  Mia's Happy Day 10:17 PM -- Wed April 20, 2011  

is the game I am working on. It's like Tony Hawk, except you're a dog, and there's no skateboard, and you only score when you grab a biscuit, instead of anytime you fail to fall down.

And now you know! (The tutorial messages were put in before fences existed and apparently they are drawn behind fences, which won't be true eventually. Also there won't be a mouse cursor)
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