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  Me! Me! Me! 07:16 PM -- Sun April 24, 2011  

Today, I did the most massive and extensive website overhaul since Gawker drove everybody away from their site. Behold the totally new (except the text is totally unchanged, even though it's really lame and should be changed in some way) About Page! Astounding! Yeah, it's not much. But it's always nice to knock out something that was supposed to happen for decades.

In other news, I successfully shared a Mia's Happy Day level onto the internet! I can't actually download it back down yet, but I can get a list of levels available, which contains it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll find out if the actual data therein is remotely correct. It has one up on Costume Party in that you can also save your work to disk, so you can set things aside and work on them later, or tweak something you've done before, that kind of thing. You can even email them to your friends if you for some reason want to share that way instead. The Playtomic system that handles the online storage seems very simple and limited, but solid. Well, solid except for the fact that many times now it's just sat there doing nothing. I hope that's not as bad as it seems, maybe I'm doing something wrong there.
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