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  Ollie Wants You! 01:16 PM -- Fri July 29, 2011  

(Yeah, I know I want to have four buttons, but I haven't found a use for the last one... well, I can always just center the options button instead!) SO! Who wants to test this game? I'm looking for people really interested in trying it out, giving it a workout, and reporting honestly with any complaints or problems. My only criteria is that you haven't been kicked out of testing before!

If you really didn't like Mia, you probably won't like this, but it's been greatly easyfied for the masses, it's not strictly for super experts like some dog-based games. So if you were having troubles with that, but wished you could enjoy it, this might ease your woes. Or maybe I'm just way out of my depth trying to make 'skateboarding' games, and luckily this is the last one!

Regardless, sign up by emailing me!
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  Upgrade! 07:33 PM -- Sun July 24, 2011  

Man, I thought I'd have something playable/testable by Friday (gotta get down on Friday), but it turns out that everybody's working for the weekend, because I seem to just be making more and more work for myself. Now Ollie collects an upgrade (abilities at first, then improvements to them later) in each level, allowing for a gentle learning curve, unlike the big info dump of Mia's Happy Day. I hope this is more understandable for people! Also, who doesn't love upgrades?

Also pictured: the Nuts you collect, a little corner of a misplaced tutorial box, and the Awesome Meter, currently set to "Blah.". The scoring system has changed dramatically, and it all hinges on how Awesome you are.
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  Ollie Goes To Town 07:32 PM -- Tue July 19, 2011  

An astute observer might recognize what this looks a lot like (a more astute observer might recognize the level layout itself!), but that stuff is due to change a bit, especially the level layout, of course. Witness Ollie Goes To Town, the next game I'm doing for Boys' Life magazine!

Not just a reskin, this is a fairly different game, just with the same basic concept - do trick combos for points. It's a sequel to Ollie's Outboard Adventure, and kind of combines that concept with Mia's Happy Day.

So, I'm working on that this month now, and something else is coming the next month! Then there's another game the month after that, if you can believe it. Those three games (Ollie included) are for Boys' Life. In the meantime, Scuba Jim will come out sometime in the middle of all that. I don't know when, that depends on a lot of things besides my ability to get it done.

Lotsa games, lotsa action. I am looking forward to cranking out some quick stuff now instead of laboring haplessly. Plus, doesn't that sky look cool?
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  Easily Confused Fish 06:36 PM -- Fri July 15, 2011  

Now there's an aquarium to admire the sea life that you have scanned! There's also an award page, but you don't get to see that right now. I can't adequately explain why the research aquarium looks like a circus, it just does.
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  Shark Week 08:03 PM -- Thu July 14, 2011  

It's Shark Week here at Hamumu! Scuba Jim is finding increasing biodiversity as development continues. We now have Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, and Thresher Sharks along with the original Great Whites.

Also of note is the Eldritch Horror. All species are represented with 100% scientific accuracy, especially them.
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  The Deep Ones 11:41 AM -- Tue July 12, 2011  

I finally got around to making the Scuba Jim map generator actually show me the map it's making, which greatly improved my very painful attempts at generating the underground cave system. I then tried borrowing a Roguelike dungeon generator, and that went horrifically, so I came up with this new thing... it just snakes tunnels around randomly until they run into an existing tunnel or a place they can't go. Many tweaks beyond that were required.

The slowest part of map generation is after it's built the main caves, it goes in and finds huge open areas of rock (because the cave ends up very lopsided, only usually filling half the map or so), and puts in extra tunnels there. You can see in this map, the main cave appeared on the left, and all those more minor tunnels scattered through the right half are the result of this addition. Makes for a pretty nice maze, I think.

This map is actually enormous. If you think about playing the current Scuba Jim, those two black triangles on top are the entire space you play in (this is cutting off the top 16 tiles, by the way, which is why there's no tiny peak at the top like usual).

Now I guess I need to make some content that goes IN all this space... I am planning to have Sanity become the resource you have to worry about down in the caves (hence the post title), because you'll have Oxygen pretty well conquered by that point, thanks to [spoiler].
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  Mia's Happy Day on Kongregate! 07:56 PM -- Mon July 11, 2011  

I'm a little slow on the blogtake here, but Mia's Happy Day is now playable on Kongregate!

Later this week, I'll write up a post about the whole Mia experience, but for now, there's your news. It's actually doing terribly on there, so if you can put a nice juicy rating on it, that would help a lot. It missed a shot at the front page, and I guess it has a sort of niche appeal - you either love doing combos and racking up huge scores, or you wonder why you aren't on a big adventure instead - so it's not getting many plays at all, and practically nobody is unlocking it (for that matter, practically nobody has commented on it, even!). Big disappointment. Your comments and ratings would be very welcome!

Doing some interesting stuff on Scuba Jim right now...
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