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  Mia's Happy Day on Kongregate! 07:56 PM -- Mon July 11, 2011  

I'm a little slow on the blogtake here, but Mia's Happy Day is now playable on Kongregate!

Later this week, I'll write up a post about the whole Mia experience, but for now, there's your news. It's actually doing terribly on there, so if you can put a nice juicy rating on it, that would help a lot. It missed a shot at the front page, and I guess it has a sort of niche appeal - you either love doing combos and racking up huge scores, or you wonder why you aren't on a big adventure instead - so it's not getting many plays at all, and practically nobody is unlocking it (for that matter, practically nobody has commented on it, even!). Big disappointment. Your comments and ratings would be very welcome!

Doing some interesting stuff on Scuba Jim right now...
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