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  Ollie Wants You! 01:16 PM -- Fri July 29, 2011  

(Yeah, I know I want to have four buttons, but I haven't found a use for the last one... well, I can always just center the options button instead!) SO! Who wants to test this game? I'm looking for people really interested in trying it out, giving it a workout, and reporting honestly with any complaints or problems. My only criteria is that you haven't been kicked out of testing before!

If you really didn't like Mia, you probably won't like this, but it's been greatly easyfied for the masses, it's not strictly for super experts like some dog-based games. So if you were having troubles with that, but wished you could enjoy it, this might ease your woes. Or maybe I'm just way out of my depth trying to make 'skateboarding' games, and luckily this is the last one!

Regardless, sign up by emailing me!
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