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  Ollie Goes To Town 07:32 PM -- Tue July 19, 2011  

An astute observer might recognize what this looks a lot like (a more astute observer might recognize the level layout itself!), but that stuff is due to change a bit, especially the level layout, of course. Witness Ollie Goes To Town, the next game I'm doing for Boys' Life magazine!

Not just a reskin, this is a fairly different game, just with the same basic concept - do trick combos for points. It's a sequel to Ollie's Outboard Adventure, and kind of combines that concept with Mia's Happy Day.

So, I'm working on that this month now, and something else is coming the next month! Then there's another game the month after that, if you can believe it. Those three games (Ollie included) are for Boys' Life. In the meantime, Scuba Jim will come out sometime in the middle of all that. I don't know when, that depends on a lot of things besides my ability to get it done.

Lotsa games, lotsa action. I am looking forward to cranking out some quick stuff now instead of laboring haplessly. Plus, doesn't that sky look cool?
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