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  Ludum Dare 20! 07:25 PM -- Wed April 27, 2011  

Let's get ready to Bryant GUMBEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeellll!!! Wait, let's not, let's participate in Ludum Dare #20! I'm in. I will give a shot to ustreaming my work, good practice for my planned Dumbstorm performance later this year. I will be of course using Flixel or maybe Flashpunk. There's a new version of Flixel released just today, maybe I should give that a go. But then I'd have to juggle two installed versions, that sounds less fun. I suspect this new version needs a good shaking before it'll be bug-free-ish.

So even if you aren't participating, drop on by to see if I have uStream up and working and you can pop in and yell at people in the chat there. Oh, but I will be out for a large chunk of Saturday (the middle chunk), so that will certainly put a damper on progress. Other than that, I hope to be streaming for the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday - during proper LDing hours, that is. I'm not the type to leave my PC up all night. If I can't get uStream up to standards, or somebody complains about it killing her Netflix viewing, I'll be sure to blog and hang out in the Hamchat.

Let's make some games, peoples!
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