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  Escape The Contest! 10:09 PM -- Fri August 19, 2011  

I'm not really escaping the contest, but my idea is sort of... well, I was concerned about wasting these two days when I really need to be progressing, so what I came up with is something that will help me also make progress on the work I need to do. Which is to say, it's not going to be terribly innovative, though it should offer a nice creativity element to players (level building always good). Just your basic game game. Which is sad, I like to try weird experimental things for LDs, but the pressure is on over the next few months to do a lot of different things, and this will actually help significantly with two of them. I can't say what two, due to super secretness.

With that decision out of the way, I run into the other issue... it's a lot easier for me to just make this and go, not make it for LD at all. If I enter LD, I have to share what I make at the end of the weekend, which kind of undermines the reveal when the polished version comes out later. Further, unless I just do the LD Jam (72 hours, no rules), I can't reuse old stuff, which both makes my job a lot harder, and actually causes a specific problem: I can't use Kid Hallow (there, I said it!).

So I guess really it's not much of a decision, it is what it is: I'm going to be inspired by the LD48 contest to work really hard on a cool game coming soon from Hamumu. Which means I'm not entering LD, not even the Jam (because I don't want to release a junk version of the game in advance). Since I'm being inspired by LD, I better get out there and see what everybody's doing! When I actually do LD, I barely pay any attention at all because I'm so busy just getting my work done. This should be fun. If less productive.
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