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  Cowboy Squids 11:16 PM -- Thu August 11, 2011  


I spent the evening developing squid flocking techniques and the basic AI for all of Pedro's enemies. The squid chase you around, firing deadly purple cowboy lasers, and shove out of each others' way so they don't just stack up in a heap. Pedro isn't a coward, I was just testing how they push each other. Also visible: the speargun has gained a level, you should click the + to upgrade it!

I can't decide if these are large enemies or if this will just be standard. They're way bigger than Pedro. I also can't decide if all the enemies will mysteriously be wild-west-themed, or if the squid are just unique. The terms "seahorse" and "sea cow" both are quite inviting.
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  What up, yo!? 10:05 AM -- Thu August 4, 2011  

One down, two to go. I've finished Ollie Goes To Town and submitted it. I've already started in on the next, since I'm scared by these deadlines. The next game is 'based' on Scuba Jim, but boy oh boy is it gonna feel like a different game. Scuba Jim is kind of an atmospheric, exploratory adventure. This game - Pedro and the Pearls of Peril - is a hardcore shooter. It's Smash TV underwater... maybe more like Crimsonland underwater. With exploring. And of course leveling up! As usual, screenshots to come, but not yet, there's barely anything new at this point!
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